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The museum of big questions

Questions come in all shapes and sizes. You have small questions and very big questions. Asking questions is the best thing there is. Come ask questions at the Groote Museum. The museum of big questions. 

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What is the Groote Museum?

Why do you exist? Where did you come you from? What makes you, you? How are you different from a gorilla, or a wood violet? And are you really that different at all? All living things share the same home: our world. How do you see that world? Is it something outside of you, or inside you as well? Deepen your perspective and never stop questioning.

The museum of big questions

What can you see and do?

From communicating plants to a competition with a chimpanzee to a scent tunnel that pricks memories and stirs your emotions, get ready for a personal expedition crisscrossing the museum.

Take your body for a ride


The Groote Museum first opened in 1855 for members of the zoological society Natura Artis Magistra. On the top floor were cases and cabinets crammed with objects, from shells to skulls and from specimens to whole skeletons. Here, members shared knowledge about the natural world.

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