I see, I see, what you don't see (yet)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how am I connected to all other life on this earth? Man and nature are inseparable. Indeed, we are an important part of nature.

Sometimes we tend to lose the connection with nature; the sense that we are part of the bigger picture. The consequences are disastrous, just look at melting ice caps, forest fires and the loss of biodiversity. How can we return to living in harmony with all other life on our planet?


Everything is connected

By realising that we are more similar to other organisms than you might think, you come to realise that we are all connected. If the earth is doing badly, we are doing badly and vice versa. The connection between everything alive also creates a certain dependency. What happens when we no longer feel part of nature? Is there an end to the malleability of the world around us? Can we live without plants?


Stimulate your curiosity

If we stimulate our curiosity and ask questions about everything we see, we are enabled to better understand the bigger picture. At ARTIS-Groote Museum, all your senses will be stimulated, making you question our relationship with the world around us with an open mind.

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