Personal expedition

See how your vocal cords produce sound, test your emotions, taste your future and smell your past in the museum. Discover how your intestines, an earthworm, a tree root, and your health are all linked. And experience the complete interconnectedness and interdependency between humans, animals, plants, microbes, and the Earth itself.


Fourteen zones

The Groote Museum consists of an Oostzaal and an Westzaal. Within these two galleries are 14 interconnected zones. Each zone zooms in on one part of the body, such as your heart or your vocal cords. This body part is the starting point for an exploration of yourself and your place in the wider world. Installations, interactions, videos and photographs bring each zone to life. Artists and scientists have also contributed their skills and expertise, so the museum is never confined to just one specialization. After all, a biologist has a very different way of seeing things than a philosopher or a visual artist.

Learn more, play, or take some time to reflect

While you're at the museum, you can join in one of the short group activities, from games to talks. There are interesting lectures on a weekly basis. There's always something new, always something exciting. So have a look at the upcoming events in our agenda!

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A new perspective

Back outside, everything looks the same... yet different. The plane trees on Artisplein and the cyclists whizzing up and down the streets. They're the same, but suddenly you see the world with new eyes. You've looked into a mirror revealing how you are connected with the rest of the world. You have discovered that you are part of a bigger web. And now, you've started wondering: “Where are we headed?” Never stop asking that question, as long as you live.

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